Damaged Passport with H1B stamped


I have H1B Visa valid till sep 2015 and I'm here  in USA right now. Last week my passport got wet. Since the it was laminated the passport details are good and readble. But the photo in the Visa got faded. The Visa details are also readble.

If I apply for new passport, will I get re-stamped the same Visa in my new Passport?

Or is there any other work around for me?

Thanks in Adavance..!!!

passport with water marks on any page is technically , a damaged passport.

You need a separate visa stamping when you come to India. on new passport

If I apply PP from here and get a new one, Will I get the same Visa restamped in the new PP? And for that do I have to go to India?

Get a new passport in USA. Continue to be there. When you next visit India, apply fresh visa. Visa will be stamped on new passport as per approved petition . Previous visa will be cancelled without prejudice