Cwop by CBP officer

Hi All,

Could you please help me with my below scenario:
I got my valid H1B visa stamped on my Passport till 2024 with my current Employer and my previous Employer visa got Expired 2019 .But CBP officer written as CWOP on my valid visa.Can I know what might be a reason for this one and will it be any issues with my Future application of H1B ?

CWOP is normally stamped on an expired visa by consular officer.
Did you not notice when this was done at the port of entry? This may be a mistake.
While this doesn’t affect your current H1B and future extensions, you might want to call the CBP at the airport, take an appointment, find out the reason why this was done and see if they have any solution to reversing the action of cancelation of a valid visa. Otherwise you will need to go for stamping next time you leave the US unless it is Canada or Mexico visit where you can use AVR.

Thanks Kalpesh for your quick response.I have noticed it after my baggage claim.But
Can I know will it cause any issues to my future Visa renewal?

I already replied that this shouldn’t create any issues.

Thanks Kalpesh for your response

Hi Team,

Can I know if I am eligible for Dropbox to get a new Visa ?
While I try to book an appointment for Interview waiver it’s asking me as

Was your most recent Visa stolen,lost,revoked or marked CWOP.

Could you please help me with this.

Cancelled Without Prejudice(CWOP) Stamp on US Visa Meaning? [2022].