currently on L2, COS applied can change employer before Oct 2014?

Hi, I am on L2 and its valid for 2 more year. My current employer has filed for H1 in 2014 for change of status. Can I change my job to new employer before Oct 2014 and utilize this peition latter on say after 1 year as I can still continue to work on L2?

I am confused that since H1 is applied as COS and not as “new H1”, how will this work?

Because the H-1B was filed as a change of status, your status will automatically change to H-1B on October 1st. That means you must work for the H-1B employer from that date. You will no longer be in L-2 at that time. You may want to check into changing your pending H-1B from “change of status” to “consular processing”. That would allow you to continue on the L-2 past October 1st and you could later “activate” the H-1B if you wanted to.