Currently on L1 , but have approved H1 with no COS

Hi Saurabh,


Currently I am in USA on L1 visa ( came to USA on Sept 10th 2012), Now my current company got H1 approval with no change of Status. Now other comapany wants to transfer my approved H1 petition with COS (L1 to H1). Now my questions are


1.) I dont have physical copy of H1 approval , I have only Reciept number of approved petition. Can i use this to initiate H1 transfer?

2.) In my case can I start working with new employer once they filed h1 with cos (or) do I need to wait till the approval and COS comes?


Please look into my queries and do the needful



  1. Its better to have copy of the approval notice. If not, you can try w/ the receipt number and printout of online status showing that the petition has been approved.

  2. You will have to wait for COS to get approved. You can start working for new employer on the basis of H-1 transfer filing only if your current status is H-1. As your current status is L-1, you will have to wait for COS to get approved.

Hi Neelu,

Could you please advise if you were successful in transferring H1 based on receipt number ? I am in the same situation… Thank you.

Actually I got my H1 notice of approval . So, I submitted the same for transfer.

Thank you! Please let me know in case you have heard any of your colleagues / friends transferred using receipt number alone