Currently on L1 - Another employer is ready to process the GC + H1 - urgent

Hi Friends and Suarab, Need your urgent help here on my situtation.

Currently I’m here in USA on EMPLOYER-A L1B visa. L1 Visa is valid till Jul 2013. In total i’m in USA for 3 years 2 months. My current employer is not willing to extend my visa anymore.

Now another employer EMPLOYER-B is ready to file for a GC and H1 visa.

My question is -

  1. Can i start working with them immedietly based on GC application?

  2. EMPLOYER-B also says that he will file for H1 petition under 2014 cap. but with this i can only work from Oct 1st 2013. So can we work for EMPLOYER-B Immedietly after the GC application is filed? or we need to wait till Oct 1st 2013 (until H1 is approved).

  3. If either 1 and 2 is not possible, then can i stay in USA without working to any employer (for 2 months August and Sept 2013) based on H1/GC reciept? so that practically i can start working to EMPLOYER-B on Oct 1st onwards.

Looking for your answers. Thanks in advance.

  1. No. You can work for them only from H-1 approval date and only if it has been approved w/ COS

  2. Same as (1). Your GC application can take several years to process and until the final GC is approved (or at least the EAD), it cannot be used for employment

  3. No, you cannot. If your I-94 expires and L-1 extension is not filed, then you need to leave US