Currently on H1.If I come back on H4, Can I transfer to H1-B again?


My H1-B is currently approved (Oct 2013-2016) and started a week ago with Employer XX. My current project will end in three weeks.

I would like to go to India right after the completion of my project by the end of three weeks and plan to stay in India for three-four months due to personal reasons. It is obvious that my H1-B will be cancelled with Employer XX & as i cannot go for stamping (as I wont have a job).

If I get back to the US on visitor visa or H4 (dependent) after few months (3-4 months) and have an employer BB who can sponsor/transfer H1,

    • What are my chances of getting converted from H4 to H1-B (Since I already got H1-B approved this year)?
    • Do I have to wait until April to file a new H1 or It can be done anytime after I come back to the US as its going to be transfer of H1-B.
    • From when can I start working if I find a job in few months right after coming back to the US?

Thanks in advance for ur advice,