Currently on F1 visa. Working on OPT. Planning to tavel to India

I am on F1 visa. Currently I am working on my OPT. My OPT expires in last week of December. MY visa expires last week of March 2013. I am eligible for OPT extension (STEM). I am planning to visit my family in India in November 2012 for 2 weeks.

Will I have any problem at the port of entry when coming back from India? What are the necessary documents to show them?

Please answer ASAP. Thank you so much.

Apply for OPT extension before you leave and have that receipt from USCIS with you. As you are returning in November only and having your visa valid till March 2013, I dont think you should have a problem re-entering.

The documents u need at port of entry are:OPT card, I-20 with a recent signature from your DSO (signature should not be more than a year old w.r.t the date you are entering), valid visa, letter from employer / pay stubs to support that you are currently employed.

Chk with ur DSO too…