Currently in India, Job Loss, 60 days grace period ? Port of Entry?

I am in India to get my passport stamped for H1B. I got it stamped and I now have a valid H1B. I am supposed to go back to the US next week. I got to know yesterday that I was let go by my company due to bad market for our business. They were downsizing.
I have been given 60 days to find a new job. My question is can I travel to the US using my current H1 visa or I would need to ask a mew employer to transfer my H1B and then I can travel? Please help! Thanks

Sorry to hear about your situation.
The 60 days grace period only applies to you, if you are in US. If you travel now, you maybe questioned at port of entry and your employer has to tell that you are still with them.

If they are going to keep you on payroll and have you as employee for 60 more days, then you can travel and find a job there. If not, it is risky to travel, if they question you at port of entry without having a job.

Read 60 days Grace period Rule H1B Visa for more info

Thank you. I’ve been told by a few job agencies that it depends on whether the current visa has been revoked by the company. If it has not been revoked, then I can travel to the US. How true is that? Thanks

No, you cannot travel, without having a job available for you. Think logically, you need to maintains status from the day you enter US. If you do not even have a job, how can you maintain status…Do NOT try to cut corners and risk your future…If CBP officer senses it and asks you, you are going to be in deep trouble for misinterpretation of information.

Please check with your manager and ask his help if he can respond to the officer if they called during immigration check. If your client manager is ok to help you then you will be fine to travel with confidence. They will revoke your visa after 60 days. I think you should be ok if you have last three month- six month paystub. Hurry now!!