Current USCIS review and decision time lines for i-129 application after RFE evidence submission.

Hi All

I’m on H1B and my extension is applied on may-30, 2015(Normal processing). And it is moved to ‘RFE(Request for Evidence)’ on Oct-01 2015.

And my employer has submitted required information to USCIS a day ago.

May i know how long USICS might take to review the information and decide on the petition, based on the current time line trends.
Application is being processed at vermont service center.


Hi Venkat,

It would take min 15 days to max 120 days.



Thanks for your response Amith. Do you know anybody who responded to RFE recently and got the petition approved. If yes, can you tell me how long did it take for them to get notified(of final decision) after submitting response to RFE.
Thanks again!