Current H1B revoked during H1B transfer

My new employer has applied for H1B transfer the petition was received on may 9th its been over 3 months and its still in initial review stage. Got email from USCIS stating my earlier petition (Current H1B) has been revoked, is this something to worry about? or is it normal for USCIS to revoke the old petition to grant a new one for transfer?

If your H1B has been revoked you have reason TO WORRY. You cannot work now!

Get your transfer premium processes ASAP!!! Talk to a good lawyer soon…

Thanks for the reply but my transfer application still shows as initial review which was received a month before they revoked my previous approved petition

If it was revoked b/c old employer has decided to withdraw the petition, then your transfer petition is not in jeopardy.

If it was revoked b/c USCIS decided to revisit their earlier decision of petition approval and decided it should never have been approved, then your transfer petition is in jeopardy as it was filed using that petition as basis.

Thanks for the confirmation Saurabh , it looks like my previous employer must had sent letter to USCIS informing about my departure as that petition was valid from Dec 2011 - Dec 2014 ,got my visa stamped in feb 2013 on the same petition and i left my previous employer in June 2013, not sure if USCIS can revoke the petition after a year and half.

If the old employer has asked for the petition to be withdrawn, then it should not impact your current transfer. Still let your new attorney know about it.