Cruise while in COS with approved H1-b after OPT ends

I found many travel questions during COS on here but none help me with my question. My H1-b is approved and OPT ends in August. I would like to go on a cruise to either the Bahamas or Mexico in September but obviously don’t want to abandon my COS. Are there different rules for cruises than for other travel? I assume that’s not the case, but what if the cruise goes to Mexico only? Isn’t there a special rule for Mexico and Canada?

As long as the trip requires you to surrender the I-94 when leaving US (doesn’t matter air, road or sea), your COS will get abandoned.

Thanks Saurabh…

My lawyer just informed me that no kind of travel is permitted in cap gap, that extends only work authorization… If my EAD hadn’t expired, I could go but this way I’m staying put :wink:

I think I read the question wrong. You already have H-1 approved w/ COS. So, any travel outside US will not abandon the COS as long as you return prior to Oct 1. However, w/ automation of I-94 system, I don’t know how that will work.

If you decided to stay put, then there are no more worries :slight_smile:

Well, my attorney told me that I can absolutely not travel during cap gap even if I have H1b approval. He said I won’t have a valid EAD so I can’t return in cap gap status with work authorization.