Credential evaluation for applying for H1B Visa

I am applying for H1B visa this year from my current company in India and my question is related to credential evaluation for H1B visa. Is credential evaluation mandatory for everyone who is applying for H1B visa. ? I am applying for H1B through my current company but I am not sure if the credential evalution will be required? I have a 10.5 years of experience, If this is required should I get my credentail evalutaion done for my Post graduation and graduation or just the post graduation? or this will be done by USCIS?

If I have to get the credential evaluation done, please suggest some good companies who does this or are there any companies which are recommended by USCIS?

Also is this required before filing the petition or can be done later and we can submit the report.

Does it has any criteria that the credential evalution will be done only for few who has less experience or anyone? or it is relevanot only for people applying from India because they dont have a foreign degree…

Please reply me at the earliest so that I can prepare accordingly. Thanks in advance.

It depends upon individual case. If the education is not related to the offered position, then it is recommended to get the evaluation done. However, if the person has enough related work experience (like in your case), the evaluation may be skipped.

It is your employer/attorney’s call whether to get it done or not. If they file the petition w/o it, and if USCIS asks for it in future then your employer/attorney can get it done at that point of time.