Creating Cap Exempt H-1B Opportunities Via Unique Certification - Is This Possible?

Dear USA aspirant and current job seekers in the USA,

A little known program in the United States called Small Business Innovation Research ( and its sister program Small Technology Transfer Research has over $500 Million set aside annually for small businesses making innovative products in science, engineering or life sciences. These companies heavily collaborate with universities and the total number exceeds 43,000 nationwide.

With this in mind, I have proposed to my University to start a certification program called [b]One Year Certificate Program in Innovative Micro-enterprise Business Leadership. Eligibility will be 10+2+3 instead of 10+2+3+1[/b][b] [/b]that will begin a student's collaboration with a company just 4 months into the program and will allow him or her to transfer to the company on a job they created for themselves with H-1B or J-1 visa sponsorship coming from the cap exempt research based category where these companies are positioned.

For those in India, you will start your journey as a F-1 student. For H-1Bs, H-4s and F-2s already here, you can simply enroll. I need to show demand though for the University to approve this program so your help will be greatly appreciated. Please write to me at if you think this is a great idea. 

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Dr. Sandeep Shankar, Colorado Heights University, Denver, CO 80223, USA.;
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Very interesting. That’s a long shot and requires lot of marketing where forums like these will help a lot.

What is the minimum number of enrollment that your university is seeking before officially approving the program?

Thanks. Well, approval is not dependent on student interest but rather the host companies where the students will be working. I have now secured interest from 400 such companies seeking international talent in engineering, chemistry and biomedicine from Colorado alone so the program is now Live as of this hour. Important thing to know is that I will not allow any student to start until I have secured a company relationship for him or her. The following ad will appear in Nature, Science and Teknologie GmBh this evening.

12-Month Certificate Program in Applied Micro-Enterprise Development : Denver, CO, United States

With a degree in engineering, medicine, life sciences and allied disciplines from anywhere in the world, you will apply to be selected for our 12-Month program in “Executive Leadership in Applied Micro-enterprise Development”. From intensive English language skills and advanced technical writing to international business and finance, you will understand what drives US economy on its most prestigious level – Innovation. Five months into the program, you will start contributing to the Research and Development efforts of a selected incubator company that needs your special scientific or technical skills. You will receive a stipend from this company. Upon completion of 12-months, you may apply for a position in this company or decide to do something else. Whatever you do, the training would have served you well for a lifetime. Interested? You should be because this is a first of a kind program in all of North America. You should have a 4-year bachelor’s degree in any discipline or higher. Write to us at with a copy to and let us get you started.…

The most important thing that caught my attention is “Important thing to know is that I will not allow any student to start until I have secured a company relationship for him or her.” That’s really good to hear and makes anyone confident about this program.

Can you please give more details as to what their path to H-1B and eventually green card work?

Also, are all H-1B's through this program are cap-expemt?

Thanks for the questions. Aspiring H-1Bs will be working with STTR rather than SBIR companies (these acronyms can be looked up by googling search terms SBIR STTR). Simply put, STTR group companies have a 49% collaboration with a university. Many times, a university research head is also the company CEO. H-1B sponsorship will be by the university, therefore H-1B will be cap exempt. The applicant will work in both places, the company and the university as most STTR projects are an applied extension of a university basic research project. Regarding Green Card, 99% of companies whether SBIR or STTR are working on cutting edge innovation of lasting value to society. If the university part of the work gets the applicant suitable publications, green card will be in the self sponsored National Interest category. Yes, all university linked H-1Bs will be cap exempt unless the group is organized for profit, which in most cases is not so.

This Certification course has any scope for people with Finance background i.e in analysis?? I would be interested in it

Hi Poonam,

I think I also got your email and will reply to that soon. To answer your question, a student from commerce background can succeed in this program if they have an aptitude in business analysis and ability to make recommendations on cost economics of bringing a new product to market. You will need to innately understand what a company is attempting to do, get deep into its processes and perceive what it needs to do to keep production or development costs low. Is domain expertise needed for this? I don’t think so. Some of the most capable industry CEOs such as Parvinder Singh (CEO of Ranbaxy) have a background in accounting and not medicine. I think you will be successful if you put your mind to it and rise above the domain itself.

Warm regards

Thanks for your revert Sir…

Has the enrollment begun for the course. If yes what is the fee structure and how does the programme function.

Hi Shankar , I am very much interested in this program .I have a B.Tech degree in Information Technology and 4 years of work experience as a Software engineer.Have dropped you a mail at E-mails are not allowed , please do reply .

H1b is the ancient way to work in USA. Please use following:

Now most of the consulting companies have offices in India. If not they are in process of opening one… They hire you there for a year and then send you to USA on L1 visa for 5 years. A few benefits of this strategy.

  1. Minimum to no experience is required.
  2. No H1b amendments are required. No transfer fees, No wait time for H1b renewal or driving license etc.
  3. There will be site consulting manager at every site so you will transferring from one manager to another to satisfy L1 visa requirement of direct oversight on your employees.
  4. No money spent on US education, it can cost a lot and depends on which university you go.
  5. Save 2-3 years on Masters as well as on CPT/OPT and thesis etc… Unless you go to top 10 universities these have no value.

Save Money and time. Have piece of mind with L1 visa. Your company can also file green card directly while you are on L1. Most of the consultants I work with now are on L1. For companies also it’s profitable as they pay less ($70-$90K) but if you did not spend on USA schools etc. with one year experience in India, you are here in USA so you do not care. Hope this helps.