Cpt dates don't match and will this affect my H1B?

Hi all,
I am a master’s student fall 2022 -may 2024
I am doing my internship from June 12 to August 11.
But my cpt dates are June 15th to August 15th, I messed my dates and can’t change now as one can’t enter date that is past the current date.
The company HR says that, I will receive payroll from June 12 as you started to work for the company since then. Kindly note if in the future, when an adjustment of status is filed, you would want to disclose this on the adjustment of status as work being performed for those three days without authorization.
Will this affect my H1B visa or down the line at the time of my full time?


Yes, the F1 visa terms violation may impact your H1B. I would still request the employer to consider the first three days of your employment as unpaid internship if possible.