Couldn't get H!B cap, what other options



I need suggestion. I missed the cap this time. I have full time job, my Opt expires this Nov end.


What are my options left, please help me guys.


Can I join school and continue working on CPT.



This could help you



I was not able to file H1b quota in time, so cap gap will not apply to me. I have to look for other options.

As of now my OPT expires in Nov and don’t what to do.


One option would be to look for a cap exempt employer such as a University or Non Profit organization.The only other option would be going back to a new Masters program but in which case you won’t be able to avail the OPT this time around.

are all government organization non-profit and can sponsor cap-exempt H1b visas throughout the year?

In general, but you will have to check for specific organizations w/ them.