Could someone help me what I need to do for my RFE?


I have received RFE from USCIS. They ask me to provide these evidences below:

  1. Evidence pertaining to equivalence to completion of a college degree:

a. Evaluation of Foreign Education

b. Evaluation of Training & Experience:

  • Evaluation of Training and/or Experience by a College Official

  • Equivalency Examinations

  • Certification by a Professional Association

c. Evidence for Recognition of Expertise:

  • Documentation to certify recognition of expertise

  • Documentation to substantiate recognition of expertise

It’s really a long RFE (14 pages) and I’m stuck with it. I don’t understand that whether I have to submit all of the requests or not. And it is very difficult to know clearly especially all of (b) and ©.

Anyone has experience on these things, please help me. I really appreciate.

Thank you so much

Please do not worry. This should be taken care of by an attorney. Get in touch with a good attorney.

Looks like USCIS wants to ascertain that you are really qualified for the position or not. Your attorney should have done education evaluation done as part of their H-1 package. If not, they should get it done through one of the accrediting agencies and submit it.

If you have done any formal trainings, then that’s what is required in (b). This needs to be evaluated by a subject matter expert like school official.

If you have any other expertise like technical knowledge, then it that’s what is require din ©. You can submit reference letters from school or from your supervisors (if learnt on job).

In the end, talk to your immigration attorney about this as they would know your profile and can guide with a more tailored response.