Cost for H1B stamping for USA?????????????????????????????????????????????

Hi All,

Kindly let me know what is the total cost of stamping a H1B, does it includes in the total cost of filing which my employeer already paid to cosulate or the money will be charged seprately from the eomployer

If empoyer is Sponsoring you u need not pay anything, You need to apply for H1 Thru a Employer… If any employer ask you to pay some money… Think before proceeding…

Hi Vishal,

Yes, does my employer need to pay stamping fee apart from filing fee.

I think they will not pay the stamping fee… My Employer beared all filing fees but they wanted me to go for stamping with my expenses… i think that will also be a case for you…

Is u r Case approved,

yes its approved,
My employer will help me in the stamping the h1.

Even same here… when are u planning for Stampingg!!!

actually, I need to get my LCA changes first, as the application raised was for different client but i might travel for a different client.
and this process will take time once that is done i miht opt for a stamping abt you?

Hi Abhishek… am waiting for my Approval package from My Employer. they too have not received yet. they said they will be receiving soon. Once i receive them i will plan for It… One of the other guy whom my employer has sponsored his name is also Abhishek… they sponsored two one me and another Abhishek… My employer is from California … and Yours

Hi Vishal,

My approval package is with my employer, but my employer is still under process of signing some documents with client which may take some days. Well my employer is from India and i’m not the same abhishek which you are looking for i think :slight_smile: