COS Status from L1B-H1, got receipt for H4 but not for H1


My L1B visa & i-94 was expired in Jan -13. I got RFE in L1 extension and ready to submit the documents this week. 

Parallelly I have filed for COS L1-H1 & H4 in 2014 year quota. I have received the receipt for H4 but my employer has not received any updated on my H1 application.

Q1. Does it mean that my H1 has been selected in lottery if got a receipt for H4?

Generally my employer sends H1 & H4 application together

Q2. How much time will it take to deliver for H1 receipts form USCIS to employer?

(Few of my colleagues had received H1 receipt last week who has filed from same employer )

Q3. Has USCIS sent receipts for all H1 lottery holders and when?

Hi Saurabh,

I got a reply that  " [b]attempting to independently verify certain information presented by Mr.xxxx".[/b] From this state how long it takes to get confirm of my visa status.

Any approximate time period.