COS L2 to F1

I am currently on L2 visa and I am going to start studying this fall 2016.My husband’s H1B is not picked this year and his L1 expires in Feb 2018.Preparing for the scenario where his H1B is not picked next year as well I would like to change my status to student visa F1.

Can someone please advise on the time it would take for change of status to occur and the documents I would be needing for this process.

COS (I-539) could take 2-6 months to process. You can look at the exact processing times for this form for your service center on USCIS site.

Documents required:

  • Identity proof (passport, current visa stamp)

  • Proof of current status (L-1 holder’s visa, I-94, recent payslips and employment letter, your L-2 visa and I-94, marriage certificate)

  • Proof of future status (I-20, SEVIS copy, your past degree, marksheets, resume, reference letters)

Thank you for the response!! :slight_smile: