COS from H4 to H1 with the H1 visa approved(stamping is pending)

Hello Team,

What are the chances of getting transferred from H4 to H1?

I have applied for H1 for the year 2014 and it picked up in the lottery and the documents are approved by USCIS on 20th May.
I got married on June 8th and my husband has a valid H1 visa.
Now the only thing that is pending for me is stamping. I have the following queries.

  1. Inorder to avoid risk of stamping, I planning to go on H4 and will apply COS(from H4 to H1). How does it works? Are there any riskS in applying the COS?And when I should travel to US on H4 if I am applying a COS from H4 to H1?

  2. If go for H1stamping, and incase if visa is rejected during stamping, I will have to go on H4 and later will apply for COS from H4 to H1. How does it works?

Appreciate your help on this!

The safest approach is to go for the H-1B stamping at the Embassy.

Thankyou so much.
So there is a risk, if I apply for COS from H4 to H1?