COS from h4 to f1, cancelled f1, travelling out US,h4 stamped already, can I come back on h4

hi,I was on H4, and then I applied for F1. after my F1 got approved I heard about H4 EAD and then requested for cancellation of COS. now the USCIS website says they are re-considering COS(H4 to f1).In the meantime I am travelling outside US for 4 am I currently out of status as COS went thru from h4 to F1, and then I requested for cancellation of F1 and now that they are re-considering? or am I on h4?Can I travel outside US and come back on h4 as it is already stamped on my passport? or do I really need to go thru the process of getting new h4 stamping if I re-enter US. my H4 is valid till october 2015.It appears to be very sticky situation. any help is greatly appreciated.