COS from F1 to H4EAD - Continue working?

Hello Kumar,

This is Pooja. I have applied for COS from F1 to H4 in August first week. I am currently working on F1 CPT and did not receive H4 EAD.
My COS date is 12/12/19. If until then I do not receive my H4 EAD can I continue working on F1 CPT?

Hi Pooja,
Your current status until you get H4 COS approval is done and the effective date kicks in is F1. If your F1 CPT allows you to work, then you may continue…but you need to be aware of the F1 CPT regulations and if they are in-line with standard practices…If so, you can continue. Discuss with your DSO as well and confirm the same…If you are in Day 1 CPT situations, be more careful as they are subject to so much of scrutiny and not recommended to continue…discuss with an attorney, if you are on Day 1 CPT.

Hi Pooja, what documents did you use to file for COS F1 to H4?