COS from F1 to H4

Last May i entered US with H4 visa,i planned to do masters so i went to India got my f1 stamped came back to US this FEB 28th 2016.Due to some personal reason i dropped my plan so the University gave me 15 days to change my status else i need to depart from US.Could you pls tell me what are all the documents needed to change from F1 to H4 in this situation.How long will it take for me to get my H4 visa.

Thanks in advance

You need to apply for COS. Processing time is 2-4 months or longer. Documents required:

  • personal information docs like passport

  • proof of current F-1 status like I-20

  • proof of new status H-4 like wedding proof (marriage certificate), spouse’s 797, spouse’s recent payslips, spouse’s employment verification letter

Other option is to leave US and return on your H-4 visa.