COS from F1 to H4 will i get I797 A or I 797 C?


I have recently applied COS from F-1 to H4 for my wife. We got I 797 C approval notice.

Is that all I get for H4 or do i expect to get I 797 A also?

Please advice

PS: All this happened while we were staying in US only. We did not cross the borders.

Usually 797C is the receipt notice and 797A is the approval notice. Does that 797C say that is an approval notice? If yes, then you are all set.

Also, what does the online status say for this receipt number?

Hi saurabh,
Many thanks for your response.
I got I 797 C when i applied H4 and it says application was received.
Then recently the online status has changed to “case was approved” and i received another I 797 C which says Notice Type : Approval Notice.


Then you should be fine. This second 797C should be good enough as an approval notice.

UPDATE: I jst got I 797 A as well. This was sent to my law firms address where as i got i 797 c to my address (not sure why ). Updating jst so the future readers would know.