Cool off period, if we move from L1B to H4 EAD and then to a new H1B

I am currently on H1B with GC in processing and approved I-140. My wife came to US on L1b and the moved to H4 after 3 years. She applied for EAD and will resume work on the same. Due to uncertainty on H1B EAD, we plan to apply for her H1B this year.

Question - If we get H1B for my wife, will her stay start fresh with 6 fresh years on H1B? or she will only have 2 more remaining years ( remaining from L1B) ?

The 13 year option is available for those who have green card application in processing, otherwise it is combined time frame of 7 years. In your case, it will be 6 fresh years

Thanks Shankar. By GC processing you mean for the main beneficiary and not for dependent?