Converting F1 or J1 into H1B or views about OPT /EAD

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1 -I just need to get reiterate over the topic that is their an possiblity to convert an J1( alien internship visa) into an H1B after 1 year if the internship employer is not ready to file H1b, is their any possiblity i can find the employer as per my skills.

2 - Secondly if i manage to get an F1 visa and do not continue with the studies in US, then is their any possiblity i can convert my visa status into OPT or EAD, as through some forums i came to know that their are ways something called as “SLM” can be filed and an individual can be employable in US after the 6 months of F1 visa.

  1. How to find genuine companies in US who can hire aliens do web portals like Dice is helpful in hiring aliens

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J-1 is convertible to H-1B if section 212(e) does not apply, otherwise you need to get waivers from Indian Government (assuming you are from India). I suggest applying for a J-1 extension before attempting a conversion so you have more time to handle 212(e)if it is relevant.

Not sure what SLM is, sounds great if there are no pitfalls

Genuine companies advertise in newspapers. This does not mean Dice has shady players, but there are definitely more professional service contractors on Dice than direct employers. Some of them can help, just check how long they have been in business through the Secretary of State websites.

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Sandeep Shankar, Ph.D.

Academic Advisor (India) to The Executive Director

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