Converting b1 to h4 for my 19 yr old daughter.


My husband is on h1 visa and me ,my son on h4. I have a 19 year old daughter studying engineering 3rd year in India. She has visit visa till 2020. She comes for vacation. She wants to do her masters here in U S. We are planning to convert her visa to h4.

my question is

If we do that in this May June, can she go back to India and study for another year. Is there any time period for h4s staying out of the country.

will she come under in-state status for applying colleges after her grad as we are staying here.

or is it better to come to masters directly on f1.

pls advice.


If she just wants to visit you, she can do so on B1 itself.

If you do apply H4 for her, note that there is NO time period requirement/rule for h4s staying out of the country. Note that children will be considered as H4 dependents only till age of 21.

Yes, H4s will come under in-state, but note that as F1 she will be eligible for OPT/CPT. She cannot be working on H4. I would suggest you do more research on H4 vs F1.