Conversion to H4 visa from F2 visa and travel to home country.

My husband is on F1 (on opt till Aug 2013) and got this H1 visa approved.

I entered US on F2 in April (after this H1 approval). I have my return ticket in october to go back to my home country to finish some important errand.

Now my qs:

1- How early can we file for my H4

  1. How long does it takes to get the H4

  2. Can I leave the country before I get my H4

Really apprecaite your guidance,

  1. COS from F-2 to H-4 can be filed now w/ start date of Oct 1

  2. COS processing time is 2-3 months

  3. If you leave US while COS is pending, then same will be abandoned. This means, you have to get H-4 visa stamped in home country before returning to US (which would also be the case when you leave US after H-4 COS approval).