conversion of H4 to H1b for architects


my wife is an architect from a reputed college in India. She is coming to US on dependent visa. I wanted to know whether she can be converted to H1B visa directly by applying to jobs in the US. I have read your article about the same for engineer wives. But does it work the same way for architects as well.

Another concern I had was : How hard is it do this? and would you recommend a masters degree in the US which will help us fetch jobs faster in the US.

thanks a lot

You should look up for openings on US job sites like dice, monster to see what are the requirements for such roles. That would give your wife an idea if she is qualified or needs to attend courses/classes to become qualified.

You can also go through list of past H-1 filers, to see what companies filed for Architect or related positions.

That should be a good starting point.

Good luck!