Conversion of H4 to H1 for October 2012. Is there any alternative?


My Wife has come to US few months back on H4, and as USCIS has stopped accepting any new H1 applications, is there any alternative way with which she can work in US? I was thinking of an alternative, but couldnt come out with any.

Is there any way, someone can apply for H1 premium and get her sponsorship?



I think your wife has 3 options to work in the US:

1. Look for employers who are eligible to file cap-exempt petitions like higher education institutions, Governmental research organizations, NFP organizations, etc. - they can file H1B petitions anytime.

2. Wait until April 2013 to file cap-subject petition for FY2014 quota and start working from 1st October 2013.

3. If she was working back in her home country and if that company has a branch in the US, they could file L1 petition for her.