Conversion from h4 to f1

I am currently living in the US on h4 visa which is approved but not stamped. Also, I will be enrolling in an MS program this year and want to apply for F1 visa. My question is that while traveling to India (November 2024), can I directly apply for F1 visa stamping or should get my H4 stamped first? What are the complications I can face? Also, is there a possibility that I’d be eligible for F1 dropbox?

Are you planning to change status from H4 to F1 in the US before you start the college? If yes, you can use your F1 approval notice and I-20 to schedule the visa appointment.
Otherwise you can start the college on H4 and before you travel to India, contact the your school’s DSO to issue I-20 and schedule F1 visa appointment.
You dont need to do H4 stamping if your intent is to enter the US on F1 status.

If your school is a reputed institution, I dont see any issues with getting F1.

While you may be eligible for dropbox, the consular officer can still call you for an interview as this is your first time F1.