Conversion from F1 to H1 and then from H1 to (L1 or H1 Transfer ) ?

My H1B is approved in 2010 from company A and changed status from F1 to H1. During my visit to India in 2011 I got stuck in India with 221G query and after very long time (close to 1 yr) the file was sent back to USCIS with message to me that the case is closed at their end(consulate in India) and needs review from USCIS and status on uscis website shows post review. I joined Company B in India and now I got a chance to go to USA through this company for short period.

My questions here are

  1. Can this H1B visa transferred to my current company B and go for stamping ?

  2. Or Should I ask Company B to apply for L1 visa and once go there Can I use the existing H1B visa and work with company A leaving company B?

  3. What are my best options to stay back in USA instead of coming back as company wants me over there only for short period. I will be very greatfully to you all whoever help me with this questions.


Vikram Dhari