Continuous Stay in USA for N400 - Covid Time

Hello ,
I have question for Absences and continuous residence during covid. ?My parents got their green card in May , 2016 and I believe we can file for N400 before three months. So I am planning to file N400 in feb but I have question about their recent trip during covid time when they were stuck in home country for 8 months.

My parents are perm resident since May 2016 they made two trips to home country.

  1. First trip was in 2018 which was within six month time frame
    2)Second trip they left usa in 16th Jan 2020 and Came back in 7th September 2020. which is around 8th months time . They are both above 70 years of age and falls into high risk age group for covid and it wasn’t advisable for them to travel during peak time .

I looked at the USCIS web site and they provided below things to establish connection in USA while you are abroad for more then 6 month but below year.

  • The applicant did not terminate his or her employment in the United States or obtain employment while abroad - They are planning to file taxes for months they were here .
  • The applicant’s immediate family members remained in the United States; - yes all family members were in USA.
  • The applicant retained full access to or continued to own or lease a home in the United States. - they don’t own house ,stays with son.

Does any one has any information how they are treating interruption of stay during covid time.
Could any one help me or point out sample Letter where I can raise these points in specific Format.

Please advise me .
Thank you all for helping me
All Suggestions welcome