Consultant withdrawing H1 as it is struck in RFE response review

I got my H1 filled in June 12 and on dec 12 it changed to RFE response review.From that day it is still in same stage.

The consultant who filled the visa is now saying that he is withdrawing the petition as it is not moving. He is saying that he has given all the documents asked in RFE. Also as per him ,USCIS is not giving any reason for this delay. My questions are :

	Has anybody faced similiar situation? Is it a known scenario to withdraw petition when it is struck in one stage?

	Will withdrawing affect in case i file my H1 again in future ?

Please reply...


  1. You can talk to employer about upgrading to PP or ask him to open a service request w/ USCIS

  2. Withdrawing this petition will not impact your future peititons.