Consultant issue-h1 transfer option

Hi All,

I just got my H1 approved this year through a desi consultant. now for stamping he is asking me to sign a bond for which he didn’t provided any info before. Also having payrates issues with him so planning to transfer H1 to some other employer.

Since i am in India without stamping, I am thinking of couple of options:

search for job from india itself and get the h1b transfer and stamping and then travel(seems to be a difficult option to get a job from India) as i currently working for a very big company.

travel to US on b1 visa and find a job and get the h1b transfered:

–in this case do i need to get stamping done first as my h1b got approved while i was in India and its under counsular processing.

–find a job and go to canada etc. and get the stamping done.

Please suggest whats the best option for me.

I would suggest finding an employer while in India and not entering US on B-1 visa. What you plan to do is misuse of B-1 visa.