Consultant from India looking forward to an H1B Visa

Hello Frens,

I am consultant working in India in an MNC.I am thinking of applying for h1b visa for 2014.My question is there are few consultancies in US which are ready to process my visa,but they are asking for a hugh sum of money for visa processing and they are not 100% sure whether it will get stamped in consulate.

My questions are

1)Is it true that h1b visas processed from India through small consultancies in US,gets rejected at the stamping in consulate?
2)Is it worth taking this risk as theres so much of money involved in this?

Please advice me as I am breaking my head on this...
  1. One of the most and trouble free ways, is to get into a big consulting companies and tell them Onsite oppurtunities is your priority.

  2. You need to be very careful about the consulting companies, since they need to provide proper documentation for the Job here. Proper client letter and Proof of Client - Vendor agreement. This will be the key. There is definetely risk involved. You need to do a lot of reasearch on filtering out which one you can trust to go ahead.

Hi Raj124,

Thanks for the answer.The first approach you said is correct.But for the second question u said research…what kind of research is it…the internet provides only few details …cant figure out the right thing with few details given on the internet…Advice pls…