Consultancy is hiding Visa denial reasons

Hi, I applied for H1B Visa this year through a consultancy based in New Jersey. Name of the consultancy is Reliance Global. They had filed my Visa under premium processing, and within a week after the petition was picked up in the lottery, USCIS sent a RFE letter. Ever since RFE, the consultancy started acting really wierd. They neither called themselves nor did they respond to our calls.

Inspite of asking multiple times about the reason of RFE, they were determined not to share any details about the RFE. All they said to us was, “USCIS has asked few details about the client, and we are working on the documentation.” That’s all!! Finally, after two and a half months of mental torture and calling them repeatedly, they responded to the RFE. RFE letter was dispatched by USCIS on April 29th, and they responded to that on July 16th!!

Just one week after USCIS recieved the RFE response, the status on USCIS was showing “Denial”. Clearly, my visa got denied because of a terrible mistake made by the consultancy. Now they don’t call us at all.

Atleast I need to know the truth. I need to know why my Visa got denied. If I apply visa next year, then what would I say if they ask me why my visa got denied? Can anyone please help me how I can extract information from them?