Consulate Interview if eligible for dropbox

Can I book a consulate interview if I am eligible for dropbox since there are no appointments available for dropbox currently.

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H1 /H4 visa stamping either fresh or drop box are stopped till 31 dec India.
whether receipt of these cat visa applications is resumed after 1 st Jan 2021 will be known only in 2021. DO NOT COME TO INDIA UNLESS VISA STAMPING IS RESUMED AND APPOINTMENTS ARE AVAILABLE.
You can not get visa appointment in fresh cat instead of drop box cat. unless you give wrong answer in profile. Not advisable. And even if you do that there are no appointments in fresh H1 cat.

There are appointments available. I have heard few people getting Dropbox appointment in mumbai at least . One of them got the stamping in 3 days . But again depends on case to case. So there is risk involved .

thanks, is there a specific time or day in the week when they open the slots for interview. I am looking everyday for last 20 days and I did not see any open slots.

They all went through employers . So no idea how the employers got dates

Hello, are you managed to find a slot for dropbox interview ?