Consular processing vs adjustment of status

Ok, I am really confused between this 2 things…!!

  1. Consular Processing (CP) is one of the ways through which an individual may apply for an immigrant visa. ( according to me immigrant visa is GC?? ) if yes, then why will an individual apply for Consular processing, once i140 is approved. ( In order to apply for consular processing, applicant’s I-140 (Sample I-140) must be approved and the visa number (green card priority date) must be current. ) This I found on a website.!! Also, If an individual is in US and his home country is india, can that individual apply from USA or has to come to india?

2)Adjustment of status - Now for this one on the same website it was written, it is similar to consular processing. the difference is that consular processing is done faster and adjustment of status takes longer time? As an alien who applies for Consular Processing, you have no benefits of work permit and advance parole. Generally speaking, if you apply for AoS, you may also apply for the benefits of work permit and advance parol? which means according to me is…why will I also apply for AOS or consular processing, when my GC is initated and i-140 is approved - which will also give me benefit to work.

I mean what is the point to get consular processing and adjustment of status when -140 gets approved??? Please help…!! as am tottally confused…!

Lot of folks filing employment based GC, go for AoS so that they can continue to work inside US while it is being processed.

However, there are also people who have applied for family based GC. They are usually outside of US (like parents) who need to go through CP.

It is also possible that the person had applied for employment based GC, was transferred back to home country and have to now appear for CP.

Given a choice, AoS is always preferred, but at times one doesn’t have this option.