Consular Appointment for 2023

Hello everyone,

My parents paid Visa fees in October 2022 for US Visitor Visa. Now could not get appointment until Sept 2025. This is almost 2 years wait time. I try every single day by login in and just see OFC dates for 2023 in Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata, but no Consular dates. In form DS 160 the Visa appointment was entered as Mumbai. Now we are okay to go for other locations which show 2023 OFC dates. But at no point it shows Consular available at all. I am frustrated with this. Sometimes, I login for first time and it shows message “you have reached maximum limits, this time please complete the transaction”. If there are no Consular dates available how come I complete the transaction?

Anyone facing same problem or having any solution for this please reply.