Consequences of not legally filing for CPT?Already have SSN.

hi…i am a Master’s Student in Computer Science working as a TA at my university and am eligible for CPT. I am undergoing Java Training with a consultancy currently and will hopefully be placed in coming 2-3 weeks. I’ll be sharing my SSN with the consultant to get my salary from the consultant My question is do i need to legally file for CPT at my university?What are consequences if i don’t file for CPT.

If you want to work while enrolled in the school, then you need to file the CPT and adhere to CPT rules.

Thanks, but just to add on i would like to know what would be the consequences, if don’t file my CPT work for 6 months and file my OPT and continue working at the place where i am carrying on

As part of employment verification, employers are required to complete I-9 form which asks for proof of employment. So if you plan to work like this, employer will have to hire you illegally and could run into consequences in future.

As for you, if USCIS figures this out they will deny your future immigration petitions like OPT, H-1B etc.

I suggest talking to a good employer if you plan to go this route.