Confusion on L1B to H1B transfer 2013


My VISA and I-94 is expiring May 2013, and i might be filling L1B extension. Now since I might get denied for extension on L1B which eventually means I have to go back to my home country so what are my options on H1B filling ?

Please suggest the best approach.

An employer can file H-1 w/ COS in April 2013 and your L-1 employer can file for L-1 extension in parallel (preferably prior to L-1 expiration date). Two things can happen from here - either USCIS will put H-1 COS in RFE pending submission of L-1 extension; or USCIS will approve the H-1 w/ COS.

In case of latter, you can continue to stay in US until Oct 2013 or leave US based on what happens to your L-1 extension. An attorney can guide you in detail.