Confusion of choosing MBA form US.

Dear Sir,

I am an engineering graduate. I have a work experience of 4 years in
IT (Infosys).
I want to do MBA from US. What pulls me to do MBA from US is a simple
fact that the return on investment there is more and it has got better
international exposure as compared to Indian B Schools.
My brother in law is an MBA graduate from IIM Bangalore. Even after
doing MBA from IIM he is struggling to find a decent job outside India
and because of heavy fees paid for MBA he is paying 30K EMI per month
as education loan.
My current salary is 40K/month which is not even 1000$ and the minimum
wage of US is 1560$ which again supports my decision to do MBA from

In past few days of extensive research on state universities in US, I
found that tear 1 schools have fees of range : 40-60 lakhs even more.
There are other state universities whose fees budget are around 25
lakhs eg. San diego state university, oklahama state university. My
concern is whether doing mba from these universities will fetch me a
job in US (myself being a hard working person).
Now a days doing mba from India is costing 15 lakhs and the salary you
get after that is sill not up to the mark and you are under debt for a
long time(even from top ones).
It would really be great if you see both the sides and give you opinion.
Please help me out Sir by giving names of some good (In terms of job
in US) US state universities which have slightly lower fee structure.

Thanks and Regards,

Sumit Kumar

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Please read my post and vote for this petition and spread the word to others:

Firstly, to do an MBA from USA is expensive even after scholarships given to students at the begining of the program, Many programs limit you to work on campus in funding positions since they give out scholarships. Consistently i have seen people doing MBA spend atleast 30 Lakhs minimum across many universities.

Secondly, You need to do MBA from top 20 schools in US. The universities you mentioned will indeed get you a job post MBA but you wont be making the top dollars.

But my concern is not how much you will end up making after an MBA in US. The point is who will sponsor your work visa. It is not that easy for MBA as compared to MS graduates to find jobs due to the high quality requirements that companies keep while hiring. That is why top schools are recommended as job search and hiring is quicker than usual.

Another concern is growing problems with the H-1B program. MBA is not a STEM qualifying program, In essence you have one year after graduating to find a job with a firm that will sponsor your visa. Unlike MS is stem program which can keep students for 29 months without a work visa.

From what i see you are very particular about having to repay your debt once you finish MBA. Now keep into consideration that Lottery years are back. 2014 is a lottery year many MBA students who are working on OPT have their fate being decided by a lottery. Would you end up in a lottery in the future once you are done with MBA. Would you want to wait to take a look at it for year and see if any bill is passed in US senate to increase the cap and prevent future lotteries is upto you.

From the looks of it you are also aspiring to get a seat in IIM. Now IIM graduates are most successful since they end up with prestigious job positions. The debt they might incur is worth it at all levels. Personally if i were to make it through CAT and got an IIM seat i would have gone there. No doubt. Unless i had another offer from let us say Sloan school, Darden etc.

My advise to you is if you get a seat from top 20 schools in US, come here. Simple fact is you will be sought after by companies all across the world. If you get into any other non top 20 schools think twice since you are bound by many factors such as H-1B, sponsoring and now the lottery mess.If you get into IIM’s then i have not seen a single IIM grad complaining of being in a financial mess. finally if you get into any other b school in india think twice if it would help you in your career.

All the best for your future