conference is over.can i still get my b1 visa


I attended a B-1 visa interview on the 4th of June, 2013 for a conference happening on the 12th to 13th of June, 2O13. After the interview, I was issued with a 221(g) with the word ‘‘OTHER’’ checked and then the word ‘‘ADMIN PROCESS’’ written in the space provided. My passport, sponsorship letter, invitation letter and my personal bank statement were retained and I was told I would be called. My status is ‘‘REFUSED’’. However, on the 12th of June, 2013 there was a case update but status remained the same.

Question: Will the visa be issued considering that the conference I was supposed to attend is now over.

If it has been refused, they will not issue the visa. When you say there was a case update, do you mean the date was changed and nothing else?

Have you received your passport back or any intimation about its dispatch?

hi saurabh,

The title, ‘‘response to your enquiry saurabh about my B-1’’ relates to your enquiries above. However let me inform you here briefly that I have not yet received back my passport neither have i had any intimation about its dispatch and yes the date was changed from the 4th to 12th june 2013. You should know that from the 4th when i took this interview,every time i check CEAC my status is refused and right under, it say; your application was refused. please see the letter or other instruction you received at the interview. The letter i received was a 221g not 214b. Again, the update on the 12th only happened after a guy from the embassy turned up at my place of work to check with my boss the authenticity of the letter of sponsorship i had presented during the interview. so, if my case was refused why would they bother have someone come to my place of work.
Please answer me this; Now that the date of my conference has passed. will i be issued the visa i asked for once the admin process is complete and turns out favourable. have u come across such experiences.