Concurrent H1B and L2/EAD Filed - H1B approved but L2/EAD not withdrawn


My L2 and L2 EAD was going to expire on 14th December 2019. My spouse’s company filed for L1A extension along with L2 and EAD. However my L2 and EAD is not approved yet. Parallelly my company was losing patience and filed for my H1B. My H1B was approved on 10th December 2019.

Is it mandatory to withdraw my L2 and EAD application. What would be the consequences if it’s not withdrawn. Please help.

Yes, you would need to do that. The consequences are that, if you get L2 now, your status will be switched to L2. It is called the Last Action rule, where the latest action from USCIS takes precedence.
It is similar to H4 withdrwal. You can read Experience by user below . Also, talk to attorney.

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Hi Kumar, I am in similar situation. But in case both L2 and EAD gets approved then the candidate will be in L2 status will still have a valid work authorization.
Does it still make sense to withdraw the L2 and EAD ?

It all depends on what status you want to hold to…If you want h1B, then withdraw