Concerns On my H1 B Max-out

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I need some information on my H1 Max-Out period, Here are some details below.

Entered USA in year July 4th 2011 with L2 Visa status and it was about to expire in Year Oct 12 2013.But I have applied for H1 in the same year 2013 and it got approved and was valid from OCT 2013 and my I-94 is valid from 10-01-2013 to 09-11-2016.

Now my Concerns are below

  1. How the USCIS will consider my H1-Max-out, Will they count the period stayed in USA whatever be the status i.e. either H1 or L2 etc? If this the case then my Max-out will be in 2016 and if I apply for extension I may have option for 9 more months.

  2. If USCIS takes only H1 into consideration and not L2 into count then I may have option for 3 more years if I apply for extension after 2016.

Can you please answer my above concern and if you need any further information please let me know.




Your question is not very clear but if it is about duration of a particular visa category, it is counted from date of approval of that particular visa class. So your count on H1 begins in 2013 and not 2011.

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Dr. Sandeep Shankar, Colorado Heights University,