Concern when spouse has H1B and her husband is applying for H1B

Dear Saurabh,

Hope you are doing fine. I got my H1B approved and I am working under my H1B.

My Husband is applying for H1B in April and I have a concern regrading the process I wondering if you can help as in previous occasions.

  1. Do I have to include my info on his application since I am not trying to be his dependent.

No, you don’t need to include your information in his petition. There is no dependent visa filed in this case.

When he appears for H-1 stamping, there is a question asking about family members in US. There he needs to mention about you.

Dear saurabh,
Thank you for instant reply.
Is same condition applies if he is in USA and
Working on his OPT? Because he is working
In his OPT right now.


Yes, same response. As he is not on a dependent visa (F-1/OPT is independent of your H-1), he doesn’t need to mention about your H-1.