Complicated H1B Transfer - Please Help Guys

I am working on L1B Visa valid till October,24 2013 with Company A. I am in USA since last 3 years on L1B. Company B applied for my H1B visa this year 2013 and I got RFE. Company B sent the response for RFE. I will get the response within 15 days as I have filled in premium processing. Now I got good offer form Company C and I want to join Company C. What could be my options?

  1. I have approved I797 (Approved in May 2008, which was valid from October 2008) for H1B with Company D. I got 221g when I went for H1B stamping in March 2010 and than never responded back. Can my new employer C use that petition for H1b transfer under cap exempt? If Yes, How should the request be presented?

  2. My New H1B(2013) which was filled this year by Employer B which is in RFE Status. Can Employer C file transfer using this H1B while it is in RFE status? If Yes than How?

  3. If Answer for 2nd Question is No, than Can Employer C file my transfer if my new H1B(2013) will be approved. If yes than How?

  4. If All of the above options can be doable than which is the better option to go for? What happenes if even Employer C gets RFE and process gets delayed to October.

  5. If I will get the approval after 1st October, Can I serve 20 days notice period for my current company A(On L1B).

I can try answering Q no 5) only, based on what i understand after talking to attorney on similar point

You have 60 days of grace period starting the approval effective date to join the new employer.