Company transfer on H1B (Change of status) but no H1B visa stamped

I need help regarding my H1B visa.
(I am currently in USA.)

I came to US on L1 visa in 2018. Then i had Change of Status to H1B in 2021.
Due to travel restrictions, i did not get a chance to get my passport stamped with H1B visa.
So essentially i have changed my status to H1B from L1, but my passport still only has L1 stamp.

Now i got an offer from another company and they mentioned that i need to have H1B stamped before they could transfer my H1B visa to their company.

My question is, is H1B stamping required for company transfer for my case?
I talked to my friends and they say stamping is not required if i already have change of status approved.

No. Visa is only required to travel to the US. So if you leave the US in future and want to return back, you will need to have valid H1B visa if you are in H1B status (just like you have/had L1 visa stamp when you were on L1 status).
In case of H1B change of employer (aka transfer) there is no need to have H1B visa stamp.
Who in the new company told you to get visa stamp :slight_smile: ? I am thinking the person do not have immigration knowledge. You should direct them to their immigration attorney to clarify their understanding.