Company filed H4 extension and biometrics along with H1b extension in premium

Hi, my name is Mounika and my current status is H4-EAD.
My husband has got a full time job in May 2019 and that company filed his H1b in premium and also filed my H4 (form-i539) with his H1b on June 20, 2019 and he received his H1b approval few days later and I received a receipt notice for my H4 on July 1st, 2019 showing Received Date, Notice Date etc, but there is nothing mentioned about Biometrics appointment in the Receipt Notice I received .

  1. Will I get Biometrics Appointment in a separate and different Notice ? If yes, after how many days approximately will it come(the biometrics appointment notice) after I received my H4 Receipt Notice.

  2. The H4 notice date is June 20, 2019 and I’m planning to fill the form and apply my H4-EAD on July 8th that is after 18 days of applying my H4. Is it okay to apply H4-EAD separately after applied H4 or Will it be a problem ?

Please Help me clarify my doubts.

  1. Yes, you will get a seperate notice. Check Sample H4 Biometric Appointment Notice. You can see some of the timelines on H4 Biometrics Experiences

  2. Well, you may file it. But, the issue is, let’s say your H4 EAD application is processed first, and your H4 was not approved by then, then they will deny it , because they cannot approve EAD without valid H4…Ideally, you should have applied it together…now, it may cause some of the confusions like I said…so, discuss with your attorney and then file accordingly.